The Challenge

Agricultural mulch films are used to improve crop yield, limit weed growth, modify soil temperature and prevent moisture loss in growing crops over extensive areas. These films are required to cover thousands of square kilometers every year and are not reused. The result is tonnes of used plastic mulch films entering landfills annually.

Greenpack's Solution

Greenpack products can reduce and simplify plastic wastes in the agriculture industry. Our mulch films are Biobased meaning significant reductions in the use of fossil fuels required for production which introduces an agronomical and environmentally efficient alternative to traditional plastic films. 

Bioplastic Mulch Film

Our Biobased and Biodegradable bioplastic mulch films are durable enough to last the season and serve their agricultural purpose, but will biodegrade without producing harmful residues that can affect future crop yields. Greenpack agricultural mulch films reduce the amount of water required for crop growth by lowering the internal temperature of the plastic tunnel. This decrease in water usage reduces resource requirements of the harvest and minimizes cost to the farmer. The temperature reduction of their microclimate also improves transpiration and contains evaporation which reduces stress to the plant and promotes symbiotic behavior.  

Traditionally harvest and cultivation practices can cause ripping and tearing of agricultural mulches which can deposit plastic material into the soil that leads to increased toxicity to the crop that can affect the growth of future harvests. Greenpack mulches contain no harmful chemicals and will biodegrade in the presence of microbial life. As a result, the deposition of material will have a decreased toxic effect on the crop.

This product is meant to be landfilled; please do not litter this product.

  • Biobased and low carbon footprint
  • Minimizes water requirements
  • Promotes symbiotic Behavior
  • Reduce plastic accumulation in soil
  • Eliminate toxic effects of Mulch to future crop
  • Strong and Puncture-Resistant
How can we help you?

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