The Challenge

We’ve become a consumer culture, and this trend has stretched to the retail, fashion and electronic industries. The damage caused by the rise of ‘fast’ and ‘disposable fashion’ and the increasing public desire to have the newest version of electronic devices on the market has reached a record high.  Not only are there environmental implications of producing and disposing of these products due to their quick and sometimes planned obsolescence, but there are serious environmental effects created by the department store bags used to take these consumer items home. The average retail shopping bag is used for only 12 minutes, and on an average shopping trip, a consumer will purchase items from at least 3 different stores each demanding their own bag. Almost all of these temporary retail bags end up in landfills or are littered.

Greenpack's Solution

Greenpack’s retail items offer a green approach to product transportation as they allow customers to transport purchases home in an environmentally-responsible manner. Our department store bags are customizable in size and dimension, can be produced in any colour and printed according to your specifications to highlight your brand in a positive way.

High End Department Store Bags

Our departments store bags can currently be found in over 500 retail locations worldwide. Offered at affordable prices, they allow consumers to shop responsibly and sustainably. We provide a high quality and durable bag that will better represent your brand and promote environmental consciousness while your customers shop. We offer a variety of different designs including punch handle and soft loop with a strong bottom gusset. Greenpack’s high-quality colour and printing options allow you to design a product that will promote your brand while providing your customers with a practical and environmentally-friendly bag they can feel good about using.

This product is meant to be landfilled; please do not litter this product. Contact us for more information about our customizable retail bags at

  • Biobased with a Low Carbon Footprint
  • High Quality Printing
  • Strong and Puncture-Resistant
  • Promotes Brand Awareness and Environmental Sustainability
  • Completely Customizable

Primary and Secondary Packaging

Greenpack understands the importance of protecting your products from dust, environmental conditions and shipping and handling during transportation. This is why we have developed a line of primary and secondary packaging material that can be designed to meet your company needs. Whether you require a rigid carton to house a cellular phone, a film bag to protect electronics or clothing, or a barrier to protect new products prior to distribution we are committed to working with you to come up with the perfect environmentally conscious solution to your packaging problems. Our products are completely customizable in size, material, colour and printing and extremely resistant to puncture. Feel free to contact us with any inquiries you may have about our primary and secondary packaging products at

This product is meant to be landfilled; please do not litter this product.

  • Biobased with a Low Carbon footprint
  • Strong and Puncture-Resistant
  • Completely Customizable
  • Promotes your Brand’s Sense of Environmental Responsibility
How can we help you?

For any inquiries about the customizability of our products please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.