Greenpack produces its own products in our company-owned manufacturing plants as well as licenses external manufacturers so they too can produce Greenpack bioplastics in their own international facilities. Our goal is to make greener alternatives to traditional plastic more widely available across the globe by providing the technology and material necessary for manufacturers to make the switch to producing Biobased and Biodegradable bioplastic products.

To ensure a smooth transition and adherence to our strict standards of quality, the Greenpack team provides on-site training to educate your production team on the skills necessary to manufacture high-quality Greenpack products in the most efficient way possible.  By exclusively selling our Bioresin under license to certified manufacturers, we ensure that all Greenpack production facilities meet our high standards of quality.

If you have questions about our products or are interested in learning more about how to get licensed to manufacture Greenpack products, please contact us at for more information.

Film Extrusion

Making the switch to producing Greenpack’s Biobased and Biodegradable bioplastics is simple and inexpensive since conventional blowing and extruding equipment can be used with no modifications to create our bioplastic films. This process utilizes GP-BioFR and GP-100F bioresin which we sell directly to manufacturers.

Our film products vary in renewable organic carbon content depending on the end use application of the product. Greenpack products do not include any harmful additives and can be processed at much lower temperatures than conventional polyethylene resins during extrusion which means the manufacturing process requires smaller energy inputs than those require for traditional plastic manufacturing.


Greenpack thermoform products are completely customizable in both colour and design and utilize a pressure forming process in order to ensure crisp execution of brand logos and maximize clarity. Our thermoformed products require lower processing temperatures than those required to form conventional plastic pressure formed products and as a result require smaller energy inputs during processing.

Injection Moulding

Greenpack uses GP-100I Bioresin to produce our line of injection moulded cutlery. We produce both a standard Biodegradable line of Cutlery as well as a Compostable option to ensure we meet all of our customers’ needs and the lower processing temperatures required for our material means energy and cost saving during manufacture. Our cutlery line is strong and durable and can be made to meet any sizing and colour specifications.