About Greenpack

We are dedicated to reducing the negative impact that one time use disposable products and packaging have on our environment.
Our mission is to challenge the dominance of conventional oil-based plastics in the single-use disposable product industry by providing affordable plant starch based bioplastic substitutes that do not sacrifice product quality and performance.

Our Technology


Our material is capable of being broken down into natural elements by microorganisms without causing harm to the environment. For more information see Environmental Definitions.


To be Biobased a material must be composed in whole or in part of biological products or renewable agriculture materials. Our products are made from renewable plant starch and certified Biobased.


Our material is flexible and highly resistant to puncture and tearing.

Extend Shelf-Life

The permeability of Greenpack material extends the shelf-life of produce by up to 60%.

Affordable Prices

Greenpack bioplastic products are competitively priced and compete directly against the traditional plastic alternative.


Greenpack products can be made in any colour and to meet your unique sizing and design specifications.

Microwave Safe

Greenpack products are FDA approved and microwave safe and can resist temperatures of -10oC to 100oC.

Lower Carbon Footprint

Using renewable plant starch for Greenpack bioplastics decreases the amount of petrochemicals required for production, the plants also act as a carbon sink during growth.

Plastic pollution is at an all-time high and growing

Our world has become a “throw away” culture. Our busy lives have been filled with the convenience of one-time use disposable products. The alarming problem is that these products are made of plastic derived from non-renewable fossil fuels that will not biodegrade for hundreds of years. 

This is unsustainable and very damaging to the environment and the future of our planet. At Greenpack, we believe that we can solve these problems with technology and continuous innovation. Greenpack is the developer of a proprietary material that is made from renewable plant starch that can substitute the plastic while maintaining the quality, convenience and affordability of disposable products.